Monday, October 1, 2012

Independent and Unrepresented

You're not the only one.

The 2012 election is shaping up to be both a comedy of errors - how could any candidate lose against an incumbent president who has overseen a continuing economic collapse and repeatedly been caught up in foreign and domestic policy mistakes - and a tragedy for the future - how could any president declare assassinating American citizens anywhere in the world without a trial is good for the nation...

At the same time we see continuing meltdowns across the judicial system because of recurring failures in the legislative branch.  Congress, for what it was intended to be, has completely failed the American people.  And it's now very evident that both Congress and the Administration is for sale to any bidder willing to enrich the politicians.  Any industry not contributed to political coffers will find endless red tape and multiple bureaucracies steadily shutting them down.

How does this help we, the people?

It doesn't.  The average citizen is unrepresented by both political parties, and the possibility of new parties is minimal given the massive financing backing the current system.  Hence the effort by the TEA Party to mount a revolution within the Republican Party - and their failure because only extremist ideologues could co-exist with the fanatical evangelic movement that has already usurped the Republican platform.

The Democratic party is no better.  With a core agenda to support and expand the public bureaucracy, a huge contributor to the Democratic war chest, Democrats must push forward with increasingly expensive and expansive domestic policies that cannot be successfully funded.  At the same time Democrats must turn their back on basic fairness within the judicial system because every sponsor needs a carve out in order to keep the money rolling in.

But what can be done?

Well it's not like we can all move to Canada.  Their legislature has rapidly devolved into American style political dysfunction over the past eight years.  And the current biggest success story amongst the Western Democracies is Germany, but we don't even teach German in most public schools and their politics are increasingly complicated while dealing with the financial disasters along the southern borders of the EU.

So for now we need to be heard.  2012 will come and go, and since neither candidate is good for Americans nor good for America, it's going to be painful for everyone.  The best we can hope for is that a majority of Americans realize that an incumbent who has failed to drive forward basic stuff like a budget, should and must be fired.  After all, if we chose to only work half the year, didn't manage our office budget, failed at almost every project, and on top of that took bribes to push other work through - we'd be fired and probably be locked up as well!

Being heard will be tough.  The mainstream media is completely fixated on a false race between what amounts to a single political machine.  That generates more than enough headlines and revenue for media businesses, so their interest in honest journalism and reporting is minimal.  Being heard has to start with us - Independents and dissatisfied party members.  
  • We need to advocate a return to financial common sense - you can't borrow your way out of debt.  
  • We need to advocate a return to understandable legislation - any law that requires fields of attorneys to interpret cannot be right.  
  • We need to emphasize that corporate sponsorship of politics amounts to taking bribes for gov't action or inaction - and that isn't acceptable in a democracy where each vote is supposed to be equal.
  • We need to require privacy as a right - and surveillance as a process that requires judicial approval and oversight.
  • We need to support freedom for sexual expression and medical care - no matter what our personal choices are, others must be allowed their choices.

I don't know if we can make a difference.

But isn't it worth trying?